My life between Linz and Boston

I started this website/blog/diary exactly 6 years ago (December 2004) with the intention to keep my friends in Austria up-to-date with my adventures in the US. The original plan was to stay for 6 months. 6 years later it turned out that I spent about half of the time on each continent living in both Linz, Austria and Boston, MA.

I am thankful to my two employers in this time (Segue/Borland and dynaTrace) who gave me the chance to work and life abroad. I am grateful to my friends and family. It is the people around you that define you and I have to say that I was lucky having a lot of really great people around me.

After 6 years it is time to close this online diary. It will always be interesting for me to read it. It is interesting to see the patterns throughout the years.

Here are some highlights of the last 6 years. It is easy to see that my life is all about friends, salsa dancing, sports and good food and beer :-)

Stephan and Tony Best Nachos in the World Hosting friends in the US With Kamaraj Great beer in the US My home town for a while My twin: Alois
Best friends: Didi My home country: Austria US Road Trip with my Dad Skiing in Gastein Cocktailbar at Rosenball Running Team In Dublin
Mr. Prinzregent :-) Sarah and Stephan Sylvesterlauf Linz Boston, MA Siblings Biking with Didi Salsa Dancing
Sailing Biking in Boston Running for a good cause Carneval Salsa New Year in Boston Salsa in Boston :-) Boston meets Linz