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January 31th

Back again from a short but exhausting trip to Washington and Boston!
Find below some pictures from those two cities. As you can see - there is really lots of snow in Boston. I had a look at 3 appartments which have all been great. Two of them are located in Cambridge (one at Porter Square, the other one near Harvard Square). The 3rd was actually a house in Watertown.
Sabrina and myself have been on the road for nearly all the time on the weekend. We cruised through the streets of downtown Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, Somerville, Waltham and Lexington. We had a great car - not really eco friendly - but thats the american way of getting around.
One thing that I've learned during those hours of driving: Never trust a girl with a map in her hand - better navigate based on intuition!!

The thing under the snow supposed to be a bike Measurement point in front of the White House Abe Lincoln Memorial
The first room that I had a look at - near Porter Sq. Me and Sabrina in a bar in Allston - meeting her friends Only the label pretends to be a wheat beer
Although I've ordered an Economy Style Car - I got this big SUV Drivin on Route 2 towards Cambridge - Boston Downtown in the back Again - lots of snows in the streets of Boston
January 27th

No snow in Washington DC!!
Yesterday when I arrived here in Washington DC - I expected to see lots of snow and cold temperatures. But actually - the snow already melted and the temperatures felt like spring. It was 10 degrees celcius yesterday!!! So - greetings to bitter cold snowy Austria! But weather changed today and we have similar conditions like at home - but without snow.
I had the chance to walk around in Washington at daylight - so I took lots of pictures that I will upload on Monday. Here are the places that I've seen:

  1. The White House
  2. Washington Monument - although it is currently under construction
  3. Lincoln Memorial
  4. Reflecting Pool
  5. The Capitol
  6. Lots of Museums - most of them are free of charge

At night I found a nice cubanian bar where they are supposed to dance salsa - but I had no luck - only on weekends! But at least I had some good cubanian food and mexican beer!

January 26th-31th

Trip to Washington DC and Boston
First - a business trip to Washington. The weekend will then be spent in Boston for my room quest. I currently have 5 contacts where 2 of them sound very promising.

January 24th

Monday night - its salsa time again!!

January 22th

Well - several things happened today. First of all I made the passport pictures for my international driver license and for the visa.
Then we started a cool afternoon/evening at Leo's place. Leo is famous for his delicious meals. The only thing that everybody needs to keep in mind is that it might take hours for the meal to be prepared - but that is his style.
So - we (Leo, Mike and myself) started at around 1PM. Leo started cooking at 2PM - and we finally started eating at 5PM. It was fabulous.
After good food, beer, metaxa and some special wine - we all fall asleep for about 2 hours. We spent the evening with watching some cool movies and some more beer - respectivly some warm medicine drinks for mike as he didn't feel so good!
I left the two guys at about 12:30 AM - visiting Lydia at her place. A celebration for one of her friends who finished her bachelor degree took place.

I promised Leo to add the following lines about him to my diary:
This man - married to a woman that is several hundred kilometers away from him with very little hope to get her to austria soon. It might take several months to convince the austrian imigration department that his wife should be permitted to live with him - lets hope that it will happen soon.
In the meantime - this nice man is sitting at home - waiting for the permit. And now the promised 100000 Euro question (dont take it too serious): Which girl is willing to help him in this tough time? Here are some impressions of this evening:

Leo and Mike with a metaxa - at this time we had hope that we might get a meal at daylight Leo the chief cook - in his element Finally - after 3 hours of preparation - we could start the meal
Big boys need to rest Lydia and her friend celebrating her bachelor degree On top of Linz - isnt it a nice city?
January 21th

Friday night - tomorrow is Udo's birthday. Therefore we will do some birthday celebrations tonight - starting at my place - guess that most of my Luitpold supply will be consumed tonight!
Maybe I will take some pictures that I will put in the diary. Have a nice weekend!

January 18th

Salsa was very short for me yesterday - due to my bad physical condition. Somehow the weekend was more exhausting than I thought.

January 16th

Cleanup of the Rosenball - hopefully some sleep in the afternoon - Birthday celebration of Martin (Resl)

January 15th

Rosenball 2005 in Gallneukirchen
Every year we (JVP Gallneukirchen) have our Cocktailbar at the Rosenball in Gallneukirchen. Pictures will follow!

It was a long night - startet at 6PM - ended at 4:30 AM! Here are some pictures - good night!!

The 3 chiefs of the Cocktail-Bar The new look - or maybe he is just crazy?! You can never guess what alcohol does to people - Tanja seemed to had fun!!
American Special - that's the name of this cool creation!/TD> Helene surrounded by Andi and Stefan No comment - I am just to tired to think of any funny comment!
January 14th

Jugendball 2005
This prom is one of those that you have to attend when you grew up in Gallneukirchen - although we are slightly getting too old for this. But I hope it will be fun seeing old friends from Galli again.

So - the prom is over - and here is my report:
AWESOME: It was really great - meeting old friend - dancing most of the night - and having great fun!! Looking forward to next year!

January 13th

Its Caipirinha Time!
As there are too many limes in my fridge that would become bad in a while I tried to invite some friends to help me getting rid of them. Therefore it is Caipirinha Time starting at 8PM at my place. Pictures will follow soon!

Thats Dani - seems to be lucky with her Caipi Silke - nice that she joined us after a long day in the office! Clemens - among the girls he seems to be very happy!!
January 10th

Monday is Salsa Time - no more to say about that!

January 9th

Two things - first of all: Thanks Irene for the great lunch - she made use of her new WOK!
Second: There is a new download area where I uploaded all the pictures and also a movie from the Ralley!

January 7th

Januar Ralley - 1st Day
We (Didi, Didi and myself) started our day early in the morning to drive back to Freistadt where the Ralley takes place. We watched 3 different parts of the race - find some impressions below!!

1st car in the woods Another car in the woods One of the cool pre-race safety cars
1st car again in daylight Guess what!? - Another car!! Cool old BMW!
January 6th

Januar Ralley - the beginning!!!
At the beer brewery in Freistadt the monthly "ABPFIFF" took place. It is a happening where you can drink Pfiff-Beer (which is 0.2 litre) for 2 hours and you also get something to eat for just 6!!!
The special event today was that some of the race cars from the upcomming Januar Ralley drove to the brewery and showed some nice turn arounds there.
Here are some pictures!

The car of Mr. Stohl A girl getting some more beer at the "ABPFIFF" Another car sponsored by Red Bull
The official racing beer Didi, Markus and myself at the "APFIFF" Nice impression
January 3rd

New pictures from Luitpold have arrived - check The Beer-Story and special thanks to Didi1 (he is called Didi1 because we also have a Didi2 in our company).
Not much else is going on in the moment - except that I try to get my visa (and it seems to be not an easy task) as well as to find some nice apartments in Boston. I'll keep you all updated!