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March 30th

Ireland - be prepared for me!! :-)
I've been reminded by my colleagues that I better give my camera to other people when taking pictures in Ireland. In the past the quality of my pictures - especially the last time at the cart challenge - lost in quality. So I try to do my best to capture my Ireland visit.

Here are some facts about the trip:
* Saturday: Flight from Salzburg to Dublin
* Meeting Mario (he's been there for the past 3 months) and we (a group of 7 friends) will visit him.
* Stay over night in Dublin @ Hotel Mespil
* Sunday: Drive to Kilkenny - staying over @ Anna Villa
* Monday: Drive to Cork City - staying over @ Tara House
* Tuesday: Drive to Killarney - staying there for 2 nights @ Glena House
* Thursday: Drive back to Dublin - return the rental at the airport and picking up Doris&Robert who will join us for the last 2 days.
* Friday/Saturday: Stay in Dublin - fly back on Saturday

So - thats it - that also means that there wont be any updates on this page for the next week - but you can definitely expect a lot when I am back.
Just another quick update from todays soccer match: For me it only lasted about 10 minutes - then I had to quit because of a muscle strain. I hope it doesnt turn out to also block salsa tonight.

March 28th

Midweek Update
Wow - its been quite a while till my last update - 4 days!! Well - whats going on? Not too much to be honest. The typical program on monday - salsa of course. Meeting with Sandro on tuesday night - talking about our upcoming trip to ireland. And today - well - Go-Kart racing again.
But tonight is not yet over - we are going to meet in the irish pub around the corner. Its time for me to get used to Guinness. As I will be in Ireland for a week (starting this saturday) I think its good to do some prep-work :-)
Well - thats it. Here are some pictures of today.
Lunch in the office - very relaxing!! Oh yeah - the tree - seems that there is still hope

March 24th

Spent the afternoon with the Lindner family. Didi and Sandra invited me - well - basically I invited myself - and it turned out to be a very good move - THANKS FOR DINNER!!
At night I went to the ball of dancing school TopTanz Andexlinger. It turned out that they had different show acts performing different kinds of dances. One of them was actually the salsa group from our salsa club - they did a great job.
Well - thats it - time to go to bed - unfortunatelly there is one hour less to sleep than usual because we just switched to summer time.
Oh yeah - you may have seen the guestbook entry from stephan regarding the bonsai tree. Here is another link that he just sent me: Bonsai Nursery
A group performing charleston A group performing american line dance
Our group performing rueda de casino the Hip Hop dancers
Mr and Mrs. Andexlinger doing the Rumba Our salsa group

March 23rd

Its Friday!!!!
A busy week is over - a cold and winterly weekend lies ahead. Over the past weeks - friday night turned into another salsa night for me. Tonight I took my camera and tried to capture some impressions. Unfortunately the light was not too good and my camera is not really capable of capturing good shots under those conditions - but I tried my best.
The rest of the weekend program is not yet certain. Maybe I go skiing if the weather allows it - or I just hang out in the appartment doing nothing. Here are some shots.
Plant: Thursday - 9 AM. I am not sure if this plant is going to make it Salsa impression 1
Salsa impression 2 Salsa impression 3

March 21st

The plant again and bowling!!!
As promised - another update on the plant - unfortunately - no real progress has been made :-)
On wednesday night we had a small office party - food and bowling - check out the pictures below.
Thats it - looking forward to the weekend. cheers
Plant: Wednesday - 10 AM Bowling scores
Seems that Udo REALLY enjoyed the food He also enjoyed his job as photographer
Me in action Those that scored 0 had to do some workout :-)

March 15th

Update on the dying plant!!
As promised - here are new pictures from the dying plant. Stefan (aka Stoni) is working hard on the recovery - lets hope it works out.
Plant: Monday - 10 AM Stefan @ Work

March 16th-18th

A weekend in Gastein
As every year in March - because of Sandros birthday - we spend one weekend in Dorfgastein. Starting with a great dinner at Stoani where we had the famous Stone plate. Had a great skiing day (well - half day) on saturday. Great weather - good snow conditions (at least on top of the mountain) - and of course good vibes at ApreSki.
Today we had a good breakfast while watching the final ski races of the season and enjoying the nice weather on the balcony. Here are some pictures.
Final eating instructions by Mr. Stoani Time to rest after the dinner :-)
A speciality at Stoani's Juergen - always good for a joke
Thats me - also sometimes good for a joke Perfect winter conditions
Panorama view Medi Helicopter
Playing "Klappspiel" No comment

March 15th

A dying plant!!
One of our Stefans (aka Unti) has two plants on his office table. They grew perfectly all the time - never seen a nicer plant so far. But times have changed. Stefan became father on monday and is therefore out of the office. He probably thought that the other Stefan (aka Stoni) is taking care of it. Well - wrong thought - see the pictures below.
I try to post a picture of the plant every day now - so that we can see the progress - lets hope the plant can recover.
Besides the plant story there is also update on other events. We've been playing soccer yesterday night - very tough - but very cool - its been a nice game.
The weekend will be spent in Gastein where we celebrate Sandros birthday - yeah - hopefully there is enough snow to actually ski - otherwise we have to focus on apre-ski :-)
From wednesday carting: Udo getting ready to battle me on the track Plant: Thursday - 9 AM
Stoni trying to fix the problem :-) Plant: Friday - 11 AM

March 14th

Kart Racing!!!
To sum it up in one sentence: "I pulverised my competitors". Of course - others say that I had the best and fastest cart or that the time tracking system didnt work correctly. For me - those "allegations" are just ridiulous :-) - but - there will be other chances for my competitors to challenge me.
Thats the quick update to the cart race. More info and pictures will follow.

March 12th

Baby Alarm!!
Seems that today was finally the day for Stefan (aka Unti). He is one of my colleagues and they have been waiting for the baby - it was over due a couple of days. But today in the morning he called and it seems that they were in the final phase - gratulation!!!!!
On Sunday we had the birthday gathering of my smallest nephew Maximilian - he turned 2. The big family came together and as you can imagine - besides celebrating the birthday we had lots and lots and lots and lots of food. To salve consciences I went out for a run. Fortunately I found a running partner with the same goal in mind - the half marathon in april. Gisi and I ran about 13kms in 1:20. In order to achieve my goal of 1:40 for the half marathon distance I definitly need some further improvement - but I am definitly on my way.
Well - thats all - the forecast for this week looks like this:
Tuesday: running again
Wednesday: go-kart racing
Thursday: Socca5 Friday-Sunday: Sandros Birthday celebrations in Dorfgastein.

March 10th

Its saturday noon - the mens downhill in norway is on hold right now - snowfall and bad visibility. But not only do the tough ski guys enjoy the sports. Listening to my own body (mainly my ankles) reminds me of yesterday's tough sport day for me. Unfortunately I had a small accident during soccer which was not too good for my ankle. But - despite the pain I went out for Salsa - which was just great - but again - thinking back now it may have been better to avoid.
The plan for the rest of the weekend sounds good: I go swimming in the afternoon - then dinner - then cinema. And tomorrow - Maximilian - my nephew - celebrates his 2nd birthday. Thats it - cheers

March 7th

1000 Kilometers!!
Thats the distance that shows up on my bikes tachometer. I got the bike on Sept. 10th - so - I think its a good distance for that period (considering that there was winter between then and now).
Anyway - I've been sent a great link from my friends in the states. Remember Tony? He is the funny one-legged guy. He is a good friend and former colleague of Stephan. Tony is raising money for Mains Handicaped Skiing. HERE is the link to his fund raising web-site.
Thats it - should be a nice evening today. Watching Champions League: Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid - so far Bayern has scored the fastest goal in Champions League History - about 10 seconds after the kick off.
Thats it - cheers

March 6th

Ireland Trip is finalized!!
A group of friends is going to visit Mario in Dublin. He spends 6 months in the Irish captial as an internship of his company. We are going to check out Dublin and parts of Ireland. Today we finished all hotel bookings. Seems we are going to see Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork and Kilarney - will be fun!!
What else is going on - well - just came back from another session in Martin's appartment. He is still working on the re-construction - and I tried to do my best to help him.
Now its time to watch the summary of todays Champions League matches - we are already in the eighth finals. Cheers

March 4th

Sunday Actions!!
Oh what a sunday. After a tough saturday (working 10 hours in martins appartment) and a short night (alex visited me and we had lots to talk about and of course we had a few drinks) I had to get up at 7:30 to get ready for the Quarter-Marathon. Hubbo and I decided to take part in the race. Its actually a club internal championship for the half-marathon distance. But the TriRun club allows externals to take part in either the half or quarter marathon distance.
My goal was to run the 10.55km under 50 minutes. Unfortunatelly I started the first km much to fast. I had a break down from km 3 to 5 (where I burbed most of the time - probably caused by the beer from last night). But - I made the "turnaround" and had a great finish. I could not catch up with Hubbo who finished after about 48 minutes - but I was just one minute behind - so - my goal was achieved.
The rest of sunday was rather easy. Invited for brunch by Irene - after that we had a meeting about our upcoming trip to Ireland (week before easter) - and at night we watched a muscial in Gallneukirchen. Klaus is one of the main actors and did a great job. The musical is called "Leroy Cane" - and there will be a couple more shows in the next weeks.
Well - thats it - another week and weekend is over - the next is already on the doorstep. Cheers
Hubbo and I after the run Applause at the end of the musical

March 3rd

Construction Work!!
Today started at 7 AM - thats when I got up. At 8 AM we met at Martin's appartment where we helped to do some restructuring of two of his rooms. 12 hours later we can say that we achieved a lot - although more would have been possible - but it was fun - as you can see from the pictures.
Tomorrow - sunday - 9:15 AM - quarter marathon in linz - will be a nice prep-race for the upcoming half-marathing in linz.
Ooops - who didnt turn off the electricy :-) Juergen making lots of holes in the ceiling
Birgit helping out with getting rid of the hangings More girls working on the hanging removal
Mid afternoon break - gulasch for the workers Of course we also had beer from time to time
A final snack before we called it a day Checking the electricity pipes

March 2nd

Entering the EURO2008 Ticket Loterie!!
For those of you that are not interesting in football - the european football championship 2008 is taking place in austria and switzerland. Yesterday - the european football association started the ticket sale. Well - they didnt really start selling the tickets. They started the first phase of the ticket lottery. And of course I entered my application for multiple games - hopefully I will be picked for at least one. Here is a quick overview of my application:

Well - thats it for today. Its time to go salsa dancing - cheers

March 1st

No real updates!
This is just a NOP entry. Not much going on - but - the weekend is nearly there and I have the following plans:
Friday: Salsa at night
Saturday: Helping Martin (aka Resl) with his appartment - he is doing some restructuring work
Sunday: Quarter-Marathon in Linz. Hope to run the 10.55 km in less than 50 minutes.