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June 28th

Its been an eventfull friday afternoon/night. We started at 4PM at Christians place on the lake Ausee. Christian invited some of us (collegues) for a nice BBQ afternoon/evening. I was eager enough to take the bike - which was easy on the way there - but - it wasnt as easy on the way back at 10PM. After a quick shower I took the chance for 5 or 6 salsa dances in Maestro before I headed to Froschberg where the annual wine tasting was happening. This wine tasting was actually for a good cause - not sure which good cause - but it definitely was a GOOD one :-).
At 2 or 3 - hard to remember the exact time - Sandro and I walked down to the City where he took a cab home and I wraped up the night in the bars.
As I am an early bird - even on weekends - I took my bike and rode up to Gallneukirchen. Back home at noon - getting passport pictures for my US Visa and then checking out the "Festival of Nature" in Linz. The organic chicken tasted as good as the organic beer :-)
Spent the rest of the afternoon in bed - well - at some time you have to pay the price for staying out too long.
Now its evening again - starting to make plans for the night.
Whats next? Tomorrow is the EURO 2008 Final Match. Germany is playing Spain. I hope its going to be a good game - may the best team win.
Zipfer, Stigl and lots of meat Flo (the grill master) and Christian (the host)
The SAMOS Crew doing intensive "Wine Tasting" Chardonnay and Schilcher

June 26th

Definition of Soccer
Somebody once explained soccer with the following words: "Its a sport of two teams with 11 persons each. The goal is to score more goals then the other team. In the end - Germany wins!" :-)
Well - seems like this is really true. Germany didnt play good at all against Turkey last night - but - they won 3:2 with a late goal that saved them from extra time and a potential penalty shootout. In about 3 hours we will know whom they will play in the final on sunday. Its either Spain or Russia. I am going to watch the game with Didi - which reminds me - I better hury - I dont want to be late.
Countdown to BOSTON: 29 days!!!

June 25th

Germany - Turkey
No Soccer for the past two days. That was kind of strange. After having all those cool games from the Euro 2008 it was the first time after 2 weeks without a single match on tv. But - the waiting is over. Tonight and tomorrow will be the semi-final matches.
Skipped salsa on monday - why that? Well - it was too hot and I was too tired and ... (that I wont tell you :-) )
BOSTON is only 30 days away - yeah!!!!!
Well - thats pretty much all. There is more interesting stuff coming in the next days: soccer, bbq party at the lake, wine tasting, ...
Stay tuned

June 21st

Russia - "The better Dutch"
What a game. Russia played the Netherlands in the quarter finals. The game was not too exciting for a long while - but in the end we saw 4 goals. Russia defeated Netherlands 3:1 after 120 minutes. The russians - with a dutch coach - played a great game and deserved the win.
We watched the game at my parents place. We started at 6PM - heated up the Grill and chilled the beer :-)
At around 1 AM we decided that the night should not yet be over - so we went to my former favorite pub - Hoppala where we stayed till they kicked us out. We wraped up the night in my parent's whirlpool and finally got to bed at 6AM. Maximilian - my small nephew - unfortunatly thought at 9AM that its time to wake me up - THANKS!! :-)
Well - thats it. It was a great night - I ended up with a nice souvenir from Hoppala: an Austrian Flag!
Didi - the grill master Goerg with the two chicks :-)
Seems that at least somebody laughs when I tell jokes :-) Maximilian - fighting with the Kaesekrainer
The crowd in Hoppala WE ARE FROM AUSTRIA

June 20th

Turkey won - Croatia should have
Its been the 2nd quarter final match of the Euro 2008. The first was won be Germany against Portugal. Germany is now going to play Turkey who won against Croatia in a very strange game. 119 minutes with no goals. Then 1:0 for Croatia - 2 minutes later Turkey scored as well - 1:1. Croatia lost the game in penalty shootout where they missed 3 out of 4 penalites.
After the match it was hard to tell whether I life in Linz or Istanbul - the streets where packed with cars of turkish fans - waving their flags - honking - celebrating. It was cool to watch.
After the game I decided to do some salsa in Maestro. As always - nice - hot - and too short - they kicked us out at 2.
The plan for the remainin weekend: Soccer-Grillpart in Gallneukirchen on saturday, Soccer-night on sunday with Leo.
Watching the game at the Arenaplatz - supporting Croatia "The Prinzregent" was also there - he supported Turkey
Salsa at Maestro Salsa at Maestro

June 18th

The Group Phase is over
Today were the last two games of the group phase of the Euro 2008. Russia qualified as last team to the next round. They played a great game against Sweden.
Watched the game with Resl, Sandro and Juergen - the "SAMOS" crew. I love those guys - its always fun just to sit with them - have a couple of beers and chat about "very important topics" :-)
We've also realized that there wont be many chances left to meet before I head over to the states. This made me realiize that it is time to plan some farewell parties. Well - the plan is actually not to have a big party - I just want to go out again and whoever feels for joining me is welcome in doing it. I picked two dates: Saturday, 19th of July and Thursday, 24th of July (the day before I fly to Boston). My plan right now is to go out to a bar - probably Walker or maybe Rox - enjoy some drinks and chating with those that I will probably not see again for at least a year. So - save the date if you are interested.
What else is going on? Well - still struggling a bit with my teeth. My mouth is a bit more swolen than the last time I got my wisdom teeth removed - but I am making good progress. Tomorrow is the first quarter final match of the Euro 2008. Friday - guess what? The second match :-). And Saturday - yeah - the third - but - we will watch it at my parents place and we will have a grill party.
Thats all for now - time to go to bed. Need to get up early tomorrow. I currently have some customers in the office. Ardy and I do the best to train them on our product.
Juergen, me and Sandro at Resl's balcony Now you can see what we did: eating Kebap
Enjoying some schnaps I love that label: "Apfel Mc Intosh" :-)

June 17th

Stupid Thief
Today in the morning I had my my 2nd appointment in the AKH to get my 2 remaining wisdom teeth removed. It again worked out pretty well. It took no longer than 20 minutes. This time although they had to crack one of teeth - but - with all the anesthesia there was no pain at all.
The shock came when I went back to my bike. The lock was open - but - the only thing that was missing was my tachometer. Seems it was a stupid thief. First he/she cracked the lock - but then he/she left the bike and just took the tacho which he/she could have taken without cracking the lock. Well - I am happy that my bike is still here.
Now I am sitting here in the appartment - waiting till the numbness is gone - that will be the "moment of truth". Pain or no pain - thats the question.
Thats the update of today. The last word that need to be said is: IMMER WIEDER - IMMER WIEDER - IMMER WIEDER ÖSTERREICH!! (although we lost - I am proud to be Austrian).

June 16th

The Dream is over - Back To Life
Its been a great night at the official Euro 2008 Fanmile in Urfahr. It took me almost an hour to get into the area because so many people wanted to get inside. Austria was lucky in the first 10 minutes where Germany had 2 or 3 good chances to score. After that we played really well - but - as in the previous matches - none of our strikers took the chance to score.
The mood was extremly good within the fans. Almost everybody was either wearing red and white or was waving a flag. It was one of the rare days where people united and stood behind their team and nation. The mood got hit bad in the 50th minute when Germany scored. But - and thats the great thing about the past 3 matches - our team didnt give up and did their best. The game ended 0:1 - the dream to enter the quarter-final was over. We lost - but we keep our head high - our team played well - thats all we asked for!!
After the game it was time for some sals. Thanks to my jetlag I made it till the last song at 2 AM.
Tomorrow will be interesting - 10 AM - the next appointment in the AKH. My 2 remaining wisdom teeth get removed. At night - Italy vs. France.
Here are some final impressions of tonight.
Oh yeah - before I forget: People that want to immigrate to austria need to do a test in order to get citizenship. Today I realized that it might be good to test austrians about their knowledge of the national anthem. Either everybody was afraid of singing or justs nobody really knew the text - what a shame!!
And another one bad example: its not cool to throw beer towards german fans just because they are better in soccer as we are. Its also not cool to stamp on their flags - shame again on those fans.
Waiting in line to enter the Public Viewing Area Two Salseros enjoying the atmosphere
Getting ready for the game The fans: watching, yelling and singing
The real fans: we stayed till the very end Thumbs Up: Well Played!!

June 15th

Back home
Its been an easy trip back home. Orlando - Frankfurt, Frankfurt - Linz. In Frankfurt I had time to check out the local press. German newspaper reacted on the comments of some of our austrian soccer players. Seems like the press in austria and germany are ready for the battle of the century.
The first thing after coming home was checking out the closest public viewing area to my appartment. Watched the games Spain vs. Sweden and Greece vs. Russia - the games were ok but not too exciting.
Was invited for lunch at my parents. First I was too tired to ride with the bike - after being back home in the early afternoon I decided to go for a ride and rode all the way back to Gallneukirchen. On the way back I checked out the Public Viewing Area in Urfahr. THAT will be the place where I am going to watch THE GAME tomorrow: Austria vs. Germany. As I am a realistic person I fear that we only have a 20:80 chance. BUT - you never know. No matter how the game ends - our national team has my support.
As this game is so important I will (probably for the first time) - skip salsa on monday.
Thats the update. Here are some pictures. bye bye
Saturday night at the "Arenaplatz" Maximilian biting his way through his slice of pizza
Ice cream for the kids Not sure how moch of the ice cream actually made it into his belly
Playing with the tractor After the work was done Max cleaned "His Ride"

June 13th

Sport Victories!!
What a day! Austria drawed with Poland. I only watched the second half where austria was not at all playing good. I've been told that the first half was really great and we should have scored. Anyway - Poland was 1:0 in the lead till the referee pointed to the penalty kick point in the 93rd minute after Poland commited a foul in the strike zone. Ivo Vastic (our croatian guy :-) ) scored -> 1:1 -> we still have a chance to succeed. The only thing we have to do now is beat Germany on monday - oh my god - that will be a challenge :-)
The second sport victory was in basketball. Its been the 4th game in the NBA finals between Boston Celtics and LA Lakers. We've been in Universal Studios at the TechEd Attendee Party. Celtics were already more than 20 points down but turned the game around. The most amazing thing was the excitment in the bar where we watched the final minutes. People were shouting "Beat LA" - which became true. Now Boston is 3:1 in the lead - one more victor left to win the final.
What is there besides sports? Its the last day at TechEd. I hope to have a smooth flight home tonight. We had heavy thunderstorms the past days which caused problems in air traffic - hope this is not again happening tonight.
Thats it - here some final pictures from yesterday night at Universal Studios
The car from "Back to the Future" We always knew the Sponge Bob was into beer :-)
Two characters from "The Mummy" Our group waiting in line at the Mummy ride

June 11th

Lesson learned
Its been a good day at the show (TechEd) and there were many lessons that I've learned. Let me asure you - its good to listen - its good to speak when you have something to say - and - especially in the US - its good when you are familiar with US Sports. I just realized again that sports in the US is a thing that you really can't get around. It is fun to watch my colleagues getting engaged in conversation with "strangers" - talking about US sports - its a good "opener" for a talk.
Well - what else is going on? Two more days at the conference. The weather has been strange - hot and humid during the day - and heavy thunderstorms at night (REALLY HEAVY!!).
Before I say good night its time to share some pictures with you. And - of course - wish the Austrian Soccer Team the best for their next upcoming challenge against Poland.
Mike and Eric at our booth Me and the "Booth Babes"
It was raining like hell when we went to Universal tonight Another Party sponsored by Microsoft
Fireshow Playin with the camera
Enjoying my Corona Mixing drinks for a big big round

June 9th

Damn Aircondition
There are many things I like about the United States. But one thing I dont like is when people think they have to use the AC to freeze the room. The constant mix between extrem heat (outside here in Florida) and the extrem cold (inside every building) caused my body to react - meaning - I am sick.
Nose is running - head aches - body is sore. Well - but no time for complaining - there are other cool things going on. Despite my health issues I started the day with a 30 minutes run on the treadmill and then a 30 minutes swim in the pool. Later in the afternoon we (Eric and I) went out for late lunch and later at night we watched Indy 4 again. I've already seen it but just wanted to see it again - in english this time. My comment is still: I LIKE IT!!
That it for today. Tomorrow is the official start of the 2nd week of TechEd. This week we have a booth and we will hopefully have many many customers that come by and I will hopefully give lots of presentations.
Thats it. 4 days to go before I head home. bye bye

June 8th

Austria vs. Croatia - 0:1
Respect to the austrian team. I didnt expect that they play too well against croatia. But they actually played very well. Well - yeah - Croatia scored a quick goal after 4 minutes out of a penalty kick. But - the team has not given up and fought till the end.
I actually watched this and the 2nd game (Germany vs. Poland) in the same sports bar as yesterday. We have been a great nationality mix watching the games: me, a danish, a poland born german and 2 "real" germans.
Now I am back in the hotel. Enjoyed the late afternoon sun at the pool and now its time to watch the NBA Final match where Boston Celtics are playing the LA Lakers.
Tomorrow is the start of the second week of TechEd. We have a booth this week and tomorrow we have to get our booth ready for the remaining week.
Thats it. bye bye
My late night dinner: Corona Extra - Fruits and Beef Jerkyo GO AUSTRIA GO - WELL PLAYED TODAY!!

June 7th

Kick Off Euro 2008
The Euro 2008 started with two victories of the favorite teams. Czech Republic defeated Switzerland 1:0 and Portugal won 2:0 against Turkey. I was disappointed by Czech Republic - for me they are amoung the favorites for the championship - but they didnt really play a good game. I also have to say that the swiss team played much better than I thought. Lets just hope that my austrian team surprises me tomorrow in the match against Croatia.
So - Morten (a friend from Denmark) and I went out for lunch to watch the game. Fortunately we found a bar that showed it. On my way to the bar I came across the "Austrian Court". Its a street close to my hotel :-)
Thats basically it. Its the weekend and I am in Orlando. Tried to rent a bike to get around - but - no bike rentals in the area. The lady at the reception first didnt really believe that I am actually asking for a bicycle - what a stupid thing to ask for :-)
Looking forward to tomorrows soccer matches. cheers
The Austrian Court in Orlando Morten and myself watching the games in a Sports Bar
Yummie - a good burger with fries One of the attractions on Intl. Drive

June 5th

Universal Studios
Last night we had the attendee party at the Universal Studio Theme Park here in Orlando. Its been a 3 hours party with free food, drinks and rides in the park.
I went to the new Simpson attraction as well as to MIB and Terminator.
Here are some pictures.
Free food and drinks "Family Reunion" :-)
The Danish, The Swedish and The Austrian Me and Marylin - what a nice couple :-)
Hit the Rat Universal Globe at the main entrance

June 5th

Report from Orlando
Here we go. My first report from Microsoft TechEd in Orlando, Florida.
Its been a good first day yesterday with a small party for the Microsoft VSIP Partners in SeaWorld. We got to see the Whale Show and we also got to do some rides on the rollercoaster.
Now its about 1 hour to go till the session starts where I am co-speaker - looking forward to it.
Tonight is the big attendee party in the Universal Studios - hope to take more pictures tonight. Here are few first impressions
MS TechEd The lady on the nose of the whale
Jumping Whale no comment

June 3rd

Flying to Orlando, Florida
I will board the plane in Linz in about 3 hours - final destination: Orlando, Florida.
I am usually not that nervous when I have to do presentations - but I have to admit: this time I am a bit nervous. I am about to be co-speaker at a session at MSFT TechEd. Its only a very short presentation slot - but still - it will definitely be challenging. Looking forward to it.
What else happened?
Salsa on saturday night in the Kulturzentrum Hof. It started very quite - only a few people - but it turned out to be a great event - till 2 AM. Got up at 9 in the morning - mounted my bike - and then up to the GIS to Kirchschlag and Hellmonsoedt back to Linz. Met Didi (one of the many didis that I know) with his Dorli and his two suns at the GIS restaurant - it was good to see him.
Sunday night was Indiana Jones night. Many people (and the press) didnt really have good things to say about the movie. But I have a different opinion - I REALLY liked it. I definitely recommend the movie - especially for REAL Indy Fans.
Yesterday night - as usual - Salsa in Remembar.
So - time to finish travel preparations. The taxi will be here in about 2 hours.
Pictures from Orlando will follow soon
----- update - arrived in Orlando -----
Had an easy and safe trip to Orlando. Just checked into the hotel. Turned on the TV and the first thing that ran over the screen was a sever thunderstorm warning for this part of Florida. Looking out of the window it really seems that we will soon be hit by a big storm.
Thats the first update. Remaining tasks for today: get a beer and then go to bed.